Coyote Buttes by Roger Ekis

Paria Canyon


Paria Canyon is also known as the Vermillion Cliffs


The last few years Vermillion Cliffs, Paria Plateau have become very popular. People from all over the world flock there to hike the region.  Paria Plateau has 293,000 acres to hike.  The Paria Plateau has spectacular areas for vigorous hiking.  A must for avid hikers are Buckskin Gulch, the Waves, Coyote Buttes and Wire Pass.  However, hikers should be prepared to hike 16 miles to get to those areas.

The Wave by Roger Ekis
Most people who come unprepared and without reservation are disappointed when they realize they canít access the Canyon because only a handful of permits are issued per day.  It is strongly recommended that visitors make appropiate plans to hike the Paria Plateau.
Paria Canyon by Roger Ekis

For info to obtaining a permit:


Coyote Buttes Paria Permits

Bureau of Land Management

Kanab Area Office

318 N. 100 East

Kanab, UT  84741
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